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Dialysis Chairs

Dialysis Chairs
Patients Getting Dialysis

A single Dialysis session takes close to four hours to complete, and most patients require three to four Dialysis Sessions per week. We believe with that much time being spent in a Dialysis Chair,
Patients deserve a comfortable Dialysis Treatment Chair

This is why we at KindCare Medical Seating take pride in offering you a comprehensive selection of Dialysis Chairs that are designed specifically to Maximize Patient Comfort. The dialysis chairs we feature range from a basic Three-Position chair all the way to an Infinite-Position and Full Power Chair with a 700 lb. Weight Capacity.

FR577RG Dialysis Chairs
Dialysis Position
22" Seat Width
290 lb. Weight Capacity
List Price: $1,600.00
Your Price: $1,215.00
FR566G Dialysis Chairs
Exceptional Comfort
350 lb. Weight Capacity
List Price: $1,875.00
Your Price: $1,420.00
FR566DG Dialysis Chairs
Drop-Arm Feature Both Sides of Recliner
21" Seat Width
350 lb. Weight Capacity
List Price: $2,032.00
Your Price: $1,465.00
FR587W Dialysis Chairs
Three Positions
24" Seat Width
450 lb. Weight Capacity
List Price: $2,058.00
Your Price: $1,480.00
Ortho-Biotic™ II Recliner
New Product!
Infinite Positioning
List Price: $2,625.00
Your Price: $1,945.00
FR588W Dialysis Chairs
Full Power
700 lb. Weight Capacity
List Price: $4,220.00
Your Price: $3,550.00

Dialysis Chair Features:
In the event of the patient fainting or going into shock a Dialysis Chair should allow for Rapid and Easy Adjustment into
Trendelenberg Position
A Dialysis Chair should be securely balanced in all operational positions
Constructed with Non Permeable and Easily Sanitized Materials
Fully Support the Patient who may faint, or lose balance, during dialysis treatment
Casters should allow easy repositioning and lock to secure safety during use

Don't know which recliner to choose? Not sure where to start? The following brief overview of important features that are available among our selection should help get you on your way.
If not please feel free to call Customer Service at 1-800-348-9006 for assistance.

Three Positions- A Three Position recliner easily adjusts into any one of three positions:
Sitting Position
Elevated Leg also known as TV or Reading Position
Full Recline which is sometimes called a Napping Position Three position chairs recline to an almost flat position
The Three Position recliner has a broad range of styles, features and prices to meet everyone's needs and budget.

Infinite Position- If you're looking for the most versatile medical recliner, these are for you. These chairs recline all the way down like a bed. They recline fully, allowing it to be used for deep relaxation and sleeping. For a full-recline position (also called the Trendelenburg Position) which elevates the feet above the heart, select an infinite-position recliner.

Drop-Arm/Swing Away Arm- This feature is ideal for safe lateral transfers from a wheel chair, chair or bed. Drop-Arm recliners have arms that can be lowered flush with the seat to aid in patient transfer.

Dialysis Chairs with Heat
Dialysis Chairs with Heat and Massage

Dialysis Chairs