High Quality
Low Price
Price: $532.00
Buy Now! Only: $420.00
Three Restful Positions
Price: $1,600.00
Buy Now! Only: $1,200.00
Our Most Popular Recliner!
Exceptional Comfort
Price: $1,875.00
Buy Now! Only: $1,406.25
Drop-Arm Feature Both Sides of Recliner
Price: $2,032.00
Buy Now! Only: $1,524.00
Ideal for Lager Patients
450 lb. Weight Capacity
Price: $2,058.00
Buy Now! Only: $1,543.50
Comfy and Versatile
Full Power Operation
700 lb. Weight Capacity
Price: $4,220.00
Buy Now! Only: $3,165.00
Enhances the Recovery Process
Price: $2,995.00
Buy Now! Only: $2,460.00
Stylish Choice
Price: $1,685.00
Buy Now! Only: $1,263.75
Plenty of Room to Get Comfortable In!
Price: $2,037.00
Buy Now! Only: $1,527.75
Swing Away Arms
Price: $1,742.00
Buy Now! Only: $1,306.50
Lateral Transfers Made Easy
Price: $2,092.00
Buy Now! Only: $1,569.00

It is our belief, that when an individual has no choice but to sit for long periods of time in order to receive rigorous medical treatment, they deserve to relax in a comfortable Medical Recliner.

This is why, based upon years of research, patient and caregiver feedback, we at KindCare Medical Seating have chosen a specific selection of recliners that are designed exclusively to enhance comfort for each patient. The recliners we feature range from a basic three-position all the way up to an infinite-position electric recliner.

KindCare Medical Seating has chosen Lumex and Winco as our vendors of choice for their quality manufacturing processes. Both brands are built to order right here in United States of America.

If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-348-9006
Or email April at april@kindcaremedical.com

Not sure which recliner to choose or where to start? Click the links below for a brief overview of important features that are available among our selection.

Three Positions
Infinite Position
Drop-Arm/Swing Away Arm

If not please feel free to call Customer Service at 1-800-348-9006 for assistance.

A Medical Recliner Is Used In A Variety of Medical Settings:
Infusion Therapy Centers Dialysis Centers Outpatient Surgery Centers
Behavioral Health Centers Post-Op Recovery Rooms Phlebotomy/Blood Collection
Pre-Op Rooms Plastic Surgery Centers About Medical Recliners
Patient Wheelchairs Hospital Privacy Screens Treatment Room Supplies

The New Winco Inverness 24 Hour Treatment Recliner

How to clean and disinfect properly.

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